Students will be tracked at a California Preschool
Students will be tracked at a California Preschool

( A California school is using a $50 000 grant given by government in an odd way.  It is using the money towards establishing RFID technology to track its preschooler students.

The Contra Costa County School District has put RFID tags on basketball jerseys and has put most of its grant money toward RFID technology such as sensors and reading computer systems throughout to school to actually monitor where each student is daily.

Their reasoning for such an idea is that preschoolers tend to run around in the school or even off school property at times and such an infrastructure will allow the school to keep tabs on its students to keep them safe and sound.

Most of the Public near the district is for such a movement because they see the clear benefits for the children in the school.  However, some parents feel that although it is not encroaching on the children’s privacy since they are so young, the money could be better spent to better the students academically. 

What happens with the introduction of such tags and how well it goes with the community is yet to be seen.

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