(RFID World Canada) GAO RFID, a Toronto based RFID company has launched this long range active RFID interrogator which provides for highly accurate, real-time data collection in wireless applications such as the tracking and identification of cargo, vehicles, personnel or other assets.

Using advanced UHF radio frequency technology, the RFID reader/writer, model 227007, employs an integrated antenna to transmit and receive data at distances of over 140 meters (460 feet). It allows adjustment of the read/write range from 1 m to more than 140 m and offers a high data rate. By employing a standardized anti-collision, multi-transponder-handling algorithm, communication to compatible RFID tags remains accurate even when thousands of transponders are within the reader’s read range.

This long range active RFID reader has the ability to daisy chain several interrogators to a host interface for data transmission via RS232 interface, which also provides the need for only one connection to power supply. Software integrated into the interrogator contains a variety of features such as data preprocessing and communication with i-Q310 ISO/IEC 18000-7 compliant RFID tags. The 433 MHz active RFID reader offers 2 MB program memory and 128 KB of non-volatile memory for interrogator configuration. It has an easy mounting kit for secure attachment to any structure.

This active RFID reader belongs to GAO’s family of RFID Semi-Passive Readers. Some similar products in this line are offered for selection including UHF RFID Reader which is an intelligent, long-range interrogator offering highly accurate, real-time data collection, UHF RFID Reader Series which can communicate even with rapidly moving tags due to the high transmission rate, and UHF RFID Reader/Writer Series which are versatile fixed RFID readers capable of controlling up to two antennas simultaneously and supporting all standard interfaces including Ethernet and GPRS.

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