RFID Proximity Tag Exciter (PTE) by GuardRFID
RFID Proximity Tag Exciter (PTE) by GuardRFID

GuardRFID, a Canadian-based developer of RFID technology, announced that it had released a new device that enables detection of tagged people or assets within a confined area or at close range. This device is suitable for applications that require room-level or bed-level location capability in hospitals, for example.

The Proximity Tag Exciter (PTE) creates a tag capture zone whose radius can be adjusted precisely to fit the application’s tag detection range requirements. As the PTE uses a low frequency radio signal for communicating with GuardRFID’s tags, the signal penetrates through most materials and communications cannot be disrupted by concealing the tag, or due to obstacles being in the way, unlike other technologies that utilize infrared and ultrasonic communications. As this property of radio waves means that the signal can also penetrate through walls.

GuardRFID has developed special system configurations that allow use of the PTE for accurate location within confined spaces like rooms and closets. GuardRFID has successfully deployed several systems that use these configurations to provide precise room-level location capabilities in several hospitals.

“Demand for precise room and bed level location of patients, staff and assets has been steadily increasing as hospitals recognize its value for enhancing real-time patient workflow and staff security”, said Doug Stevens, GuardRFID’s Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Healthcare. “Whereas GuardRFID has already deployed systems that provide such functionality to several hospital facilities using our long range Tag Exciters, the new Proximity Tag Exciter offers a physical configuration that is better suited for such environments, and for a much lower investment to boot.”

Due to their ease of use, reliability and robustness, GuardRFID’s suite of applications have been selected as the systems of choice by many high profile healthcare facilities. Its tag platform has been designed to be highly resistant to RF noise interference, enhancing the security of patients within the healthcare environment, as an example

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