Bluechiip Ltd. has developed a unique RFID asset-tracking solution and recently made its first sales order to ATCC who confirmed the order after a successful pilot trial of the tracking solution. ATCC is a US based leader in biological materials management and processes.

ATCC has made the early purchase to facilitate the enhancement of cryogenic sample management and bench research via temperature evaluation and tracking.

ATCC stores approximately 10 million biological samples of different formats in a facility with 200 freezers to store biomaterials. Users of the samples stored in ATCC are from across the world from over 140 countries. Material is used for research in government, academia and for the private sector as well. ATCC houses biomaterials ranging but not limited to cell lines, microorganisms, and bioproducts.

The pilot project, sponsored by Bluechiip, ATCC, and Corning Life Sciences was carried out at ATCC’s biological resource facility in Manassas, Virginia. The pilot project verified that the bluechip® tracking solution correctly enabled sample identification and temperature information to be read at a temperature as low as –196 degrees Celsius. It was also confirmed that the data could be transferred through frost.

Bluechiip’s Managing Director, Brett Schwarz, said: “We are excited to receive our first sales order, particularly from a world leader in our first targeted market of biobanking and biorepositories. This is validation of the enormous potential and wideranging applications of the bluechiip® tracking solution.”

Kathleen Wyatt, Manager, Inventory Control and Respository Operations, ATCC, said, “ATCC has a long history of exploring inventive and forward-thinking technologies in biological materials management. Bluechiip is elevating cold chain custody and temperature tracking to an exciting new level. This endeavour with Bluechiip has the potential to enhance future offerings by ATCC.”

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