Flexible Handheld RFID Reader & Mobile Computer
Flexible Handheld RFID Reader & Mobile Computer

(RFIDWorld.ca) A Canadian RFID company, GAO RFID  Asset Tracking is now offering a flexible handheld computer terminal, which is an RFID reader suitable for many applications including livestock tracking, asset tracking, manufacturing and warehousing. The RFID reader comes with both short keypad and full keyboard varieties with the option of Microsoft Embedded CE 5.0, Windows Mobile 6 classic operating systems or even with Windows Mobile 6 Pro. The handheld RFID model 246005 is fully equipped with VGA colour that creates crisp products with detailed graphics, even under the direct sunlight.

A large number of configuration options are available with the inclusion of an SDK for great flexibility. The variety of configuration options can in turn meet many specific needs of all types of solutions. Some of the configuration options that are available with the Rugged Handheld Terminal RFID Reader are various barcode readers, pistol grip, batteries, operating frequency, WiFi, GSM/GPRS, GPS, strap as well as a docking station.

The portable RFID reader is very durable and can withstand falls from a height of five feet onto polished concrete or even from that much shock and vibration.

The RFID portable reader is also very resistant to dust and water, which makes it suitable for harsh environments where rugged mobile data collection is necessary.

Belonging to GAO’s family of Fleet Maintenance RFID Readers, the Rugged Handheld Terminal RFID Reader is advanced and comes with a trusted name that many consumers are happy with.

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