RFID Forecasts 2007-2017 by IDTechEx
RFID Forecasts 2007-2017 by IDTechEx

(RFIDWorld.ca) The value of the RFID market in 2012 will be $7.46 billion versus $6.37 billion in 2011. The forecasted sales for this year have gone up from last year’s actual sales. Sales consist of products such as tags, readers, software/services for RFID cards, fobs, labels and all other form factors. Passive and active RFID are included in this sales forecast as well.

The report forecasting such sales was created and released by IDTechEx, and it gives a complete and comprehensive report of historic data compiled from 200 profiled companies. A detailed ten year forecast has been provided in the report for the volumes of tags required, the value and total market value in over 30 market segments.

The sectors that are booming and under-performing have been reported in addition to which suppliers are profitable with reasons for why and how. Each sector is examined in-depth to determine which sectors are the hottest for the upcoming year.

Finally the sectors that are highly profitable have also been listed in the report. In addition the report covers the topic of RFID technology across borders including in rapidly growing sectors of China, South America and Russia. The latest progress in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific forecasts are also provided by territory.

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