International RFID Institute
International RFID Institute

Leading members of the radio frequency identification industry announced today the launch of a new independent body, the International RFID Institute,, dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in effective and appropriate application of RFID technologies in industry, government, and non-commercial organizations through technology-neutral, vendor-neutral and independent, RFID education, certifications, and applied RFID research.

The Institute’s mission is to promote the “public good” that comes from having industry and professionals achieve high levels of professionalism through the research, education, and development of the RFID science and knowledge-base; and validation of that knowledge obtained through professional certification. Membership is open to all interested in pursuing this mission.

The Institute will cover all forms of RFID, including real-time locating systems (RTLS), active, passive, battery-assisted, and near field communications (NFC) systems, software to manage or share data through RFID systems, RFID-enabled sensors, and related technologies with which RFID systems will be integrated.

The RFID Institute is currently recruiting Subject Matter Experts to help develop its Foundation Certification exam addressing the needs of both end-users and solution providers. The first public event will be held at RFID Journal Live in Orlando, Fl. on April 30th – May 2nd.

The purposes of the RFID Institute shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  •         Advancing the science and state-of-the-art in effective and appropriate application of RFID technology in industry, government, and non-commercial organizations to better serve the public interest
  •      Providing a means of certifying the scope and level of an individual’s RFID knowledge
  •      Ensuring that the certification is consistent and reliable over time
  •      Fostering professionalism in the RFID industry
  •      Ensuring consistency of certification across hardware and software platforms
  •      Developing a curriculum for RFID education aimed at obtaining certification
  •      Providing a mechanism for certification renewal

Founders of the International RFID Institute are recognized experts from around the world. Sylvanus Bent, President & CEO of Bent Systems was elected Chairman and President, and Mark Roberti, founder and editor of RFID Journal was elected Vice-Chairman.

“The International RFID Institute will fill a void left when CompTIA decided to retire its RFID+ Certification,” said Sylvanus Bent, Chairman and President, of the Institute. “But our goal is to do much more than that. We want to create a set of certification credentials, conduct research, encourage professional education, and work with existing industry organizations, e.g. AIM Global and GS1, to advance RFID for the both the industry and public good.”

The International RFID Institute will develop certification exams, promote professionalism in the RFID industry, and promote greater understanding of RFID among the general public.

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