RFID Reader for Animal Tracking – ASR550 (RFID Canada, Agrident)
RFID Reader for Animal Tracking – ASR550 (RFID Canada, Agrident)

(RFIDWorld.ca) RFID and NFC technology provider ‘RFID Canada’ is introducing a Low Frequency (LF) Mid-Range Reader for Animal Tracking – the ASR550.

The ASR550 is a fixed mid-range LF (134.2 KHz) reader, supports ISO 11784/11785 FDX-B or HDX transponders and comes with optional multiplexer. It is designed to operate in changing environments with electrical and metal interference. It has a built-in patented Auto tuning circuitry which makes installation and integration simple. In addition to the standard RS232 and RS485 interfaces, optional Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules are available.

An external multiplexer, the AAS100/200, is available which allows for up to eight antennas to be connected.

The read range, with antenna APA006 (50 x 60 cm) antenna, is up to 90 cm with HDX transponder of ø30 mm and up to 80 cm with FDX-B transponder of ø30 mm

ASR 550 LF Reader specifications:

• RFID Frequency: 134.2 KHz
• RFID Standards: ISO 11784/11785
• Interface – Standard: RS232 and RS485
• Interfaces – Optional: Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Class 1


About RFID Canada
RFID Canada is a technology provider. Products include all Passive frequencies – Low (LF), High (HF) and Ultra High (UHF) as well as Active frequency.RFID Canada provides the vital foundation to any RFID-based system and has been involved in successfully implementing over 500 systems globally.

RFID Canada, with its network of partners, has successfully implemented applications such as Animal Identification, Document Tracking, Traceability, Asset Tracking, Work-in-Process, Stock Replenishment, Personal Identification and Sporting Events in a wide range of industries including Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transportation, Supply Chain and Distribution, Retail, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Libraries, Government and many others.

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