RFID ThingMagic
RFID ThingMagic

Trimble recently announced the addition of a new UHF RFID reader accessory for its Nomad® rugged handheld computer called The Trimble ThingMagic® Reader.

The new accessory supports reading and writing of EPC Global Gen2 tags, which are commonly used for asset and inventory management. The primary benefit of the new accessory is that it withstands rough conditions such as humidity, drops, vibration and extreme temperatures.

“The Nomad has been a very successful rugged mobile platform, supplying field workers with a robust tool for data capture and navigation,” said Jim Sheldon, general manager of Trimble’s Mobile Computing Solutions Division. “The RFID Reader further extends the Nomad’s capabilities and offers enterprise management more options in its use.”

“Similar to the widespread integration of GPS into today’s positioning solutions, we believe RFID is a natural complement to many asset management applications and Trimble solutions,” said Tom Grant, general manager of Trimble’s ThingMagic Division. “Integrating high-performance RFID technology into high-value products like the Nomad delivers a strong platform for next generation productivity applications.”

The ThingMagic® UHF Reader is available in two options: one that is available for Europe and the other, which is for use in the U.S., Canada and most of South America.

RFID capabilities can be added to mobile applications because the reader includes device drivers and a Software Development Kit to enable systems integrators.

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