GATRIA RFID vehicle hang tag
GATRIA RFID vehicle hang tag

STAR Systems International, a RFID provider, launchedĀ the introduction of its new GATRIA carĀ “hang tag” for parking, access control, and other automotive identification applications.

Designed for ease of use, high performance, portability and reusability in automatic vehicle Identification applications, the GATRIA can be hung on a vehicle’s rear view mirror, providing fast and reliable RFID detection and identification in a portable and reusable form factor.

GATRIA is an excellent option for applications that require temporary or portable vehicle identification functionality, with the same accuracy and reliability provided by STAR Systems’ permanent RFID labels and tags. GATRIA is perfect for use in applications such as: access control, temporary guest vehicle access, seasonal parking, fleet management, automotive service and repair stations, automotive dealers, car washes, etc.

Businesses, gated communities, universities, parking garages, and other organizations can easily issue, reclaim, or disable the tags as they are needed by employees or guests. With a portable hang tag, credentials can also travel with an individual user rather than being tied to a specific vehicle.

The tags boast excellent read performance, and can be customized with a company logo or other designs and text.

“GATRIA provides a unique solution for customers looking for a reliable, automated system for short-term or temporary vehicle identification applications,” says Bob Karr, Managing Director, Star Systems International. “STAR Systems has been a leader in providing RFID solutions for more permanent toll collection, identification, and access applications. With GATRIA, we can provide that same high performance in a portable, durable, and reusable form factor.”

The 127.4mm by 101.6mm hang tags can be easily installed, removed and stored. The wide-band designed 860-960 MHz tags are compliant with ISO 18000-6C (63) and EPC C1G2 standards. The tags also support password authentication.

GATRIA joins the full line of STAR Systems RFID vehicle identification solutions, which include the Aries headlamp transponder, Astria vehicle registration sticker, LEO license plate tag, and Venus windshield tags.

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