View Technologies uses its patented Echo smart antenna technology
View Technologies uses its patented Echo smart antenna technology

A software framework is now available that enables solution providers to access real-time data for the billions of items incorporating RAIN RFID (Passive UHF) tags in retail, manufacturing and logistics.The  new inView Platform is from View Technologies, a joint venture between Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. and RF Controls.

Through the combination of its patented Echo smart antenna technology and software-based services, the inView platform provides item-level visibility that can easily be integrated into enterprise systems, applications and IoT platforms. The Echo smart antennas continuously identify, locate and track RAIN RFID tagged items within 150 feet – 10 times farther than any other commercial system to deliver accurate tag location, continuous visibility and hands-free functionality.

The inView platform delivers key insights for businesses, such as pinpointing important item locations, determining if shipments enter or leave the dock according to plan, or providing notifications when merchandise is misplaced or needing replenishment on a sales floor. Built to enable third-party applications to run more efficiently and accurately, the inView Platform offers three tiers of service:

  • Locate – provides a real-time stream of 3D position data for RAIN RFID tags
  • Track – provides a stream of zone movement data when tags move from one software created zone to another, as well as provides access to historical location and movement data
  • Act – provides attribute enrichment and rule-based events to be triggered based on zone movement, which generates actionable and meaningful alerts and notification for business processes

Whether a system is versed in consuming 3D location data or requires business-logic processing, the platform’s framework helps developers build solutions no matter where they fall on the spectrum. With core scalability, ease of deployment, high performance and a comprehensive and open RESTful api, our developer partners can focus on perfecting their solution and not struggle with the integration of custom, sophisticated RFID or location-based systems.




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