RFID Windshield Tag for Automatic Vehicle ID Tracking
RFID Windshield Tag for Automatic Vehicle ID Tracking

(RFIDWorld.ca) iDTRONIC’s new Windshield Tag UHF constitutes a solution for safe and durable identification of vehicles, based on modern RFID-Technology.

In this case, the modern RFID technology allows a rapid and steady registration of passing vehicles over a distance of several meters. The new and very thin Windshield Tag UHF is simply stuck on the pane, whether inside or outside — the functionality stays the same. The tag is weather-proof, UV resistant and equipped with a theft protection, ensuring the designated usage. Maximum safety is provided: the chip is destroyed when the tag is removed.

In addition, the functionality of the new tag can be expanded. In combination with the RFID technology, barcode and 4c logo print as well as the integration of further safety features is smoothly realizable: The Windshield Tag UHF can be designed so that it perfectly fits customer-specific applications.

Applications for the new RFID UHF Windshield Tag are access control to carparks, automatic toll systems and production and logistics amongst others.

The dimensions of iDTRONIC’s new tag are 105 × 35 × 0.2 mm and it consists of 2 layers polyester. It stands temperatures of up to +150?°C.

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  1. Just one of the many innovative RFID products released this year by iDTRONIC.

    iDTRONIC manufactures RFID readers and tags in all frequencies of UHF, HF, and LF. Providing RFID hardware and mobile solutions for all our partners, systems integrators, solution providers, and value-added resellers.

  2. iDTRONIC has some great RFID products, I meet the guys at the RFID Journal LIVE trade-show. They’re Bluebox RFID readers and antennas were very impressive.

  3. iDTRONIC has great RFID products. They’re Bluebox RFID readers and antennas were very impressive but i am unsure about pricing