Construction Zone
Construction Zone

( ADR recently introduced a new RFID system to manage and report workforce hours and activities on construction sites.

Using RFID tags, the management system will allow for the monitoring of workforce activity at large construction sites. The RFID system monitor uses proprietary technology architecture to support real time monitoring of workforce activity and movement around the construction site. The RFID tags are embedded on construction worker hard hats as well as on their ID badges. The system will manage the traffic of construction workers on site and better safety management as well while knowing where all workers are at any given time.

The system will also manage timings of when a worker comes into or leaves work. To work, all the system needs is an Internet connection and browser to monitor the hours that are being logged at any construction site using the system.

Contractors, owners, subcontractors and site managers can take advantage of the new system to obtain real-time workforce decision making and for the completion of important project reports. Overall, the system will not only aid in improving the efficiency and time management of workers on site but it will also ultimately serve as a measure of risk analysis to reduce the number of injuries on site. Safety awareness and response time for emergency accidents will improve as a result of such a system.

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