SimpleNFC and UPM RFID have teamed up to sell products on a newly launched website. They are offering a huge selection of NFC tools for building NFC solutions from which a variety of markets can benefit. features and NFC Starter Kit, NFC tags from UPM RFID and many other tools to enable NFC solutions.

SimpleNFC is located in Vancouver, Canada and is a software development company. It is a division of CustomerIn Systems. The company supplies UPM Bullseye, UPM RaceTrack, UPM Block or Miniblock tags, and NFC RFID tags with Mifare Ultralight, Ultralight-C or classic ICs. Now through the TapThatTag application in the Android Market Place, clients can access UPM RFID’s NFC tags.

The site was specifically created for NFC developers who want to purchase all their tools at a on stop location for convenience sake. Fred Rego, President of CustomerIn, explained that developers will find everything including NFC tags with customized artwork for their applications and speed easily on the website. He believes using this platform will allow customers to save many hours of labour which can then be used towards other points of revenue. is a website for developers who want to integrate NFC into their businesses and applications at a fast pace. Not only can website users build location-aware apps with NFC capabilities, but they can also order NFC tags with customized artwork for their applications, using NFC Starter Kits. SimpleNFC tags give the ability to create applications for micro locations, audio and visual tours, social networking, smart posters, product information and real-world games. The creators of aim ultimately to provide a development platform for every operating system and NFC handset in the market.

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