Nurburgring Motorsport Complex
Nurburgring Motorsport Complex

( At the German high-speed racetracks, the noise levels of race cars are being monitored by RFID cards to determine whether any intervention is needed for safety precautions. This is taking place at the Nurburgring Motorsport Complex in Nurburg.

The web-based SensorSMART system from Identec Solutions effectively measures the noise emissions from race-cars in real time. The internet server used for the solution lists all the participants and is constantly updated using the RFID chips that are attached to the vehicles to determine the noise levels. This helps to keep all information up to date and avoids future problems which could potentially lead to accidents which are unaccounted for.

the SensorSMART system is made up of active RFID tags, readers, sensors, and edgeware that are used for the applications network. The system is extremely fast and constantly updates information every 0.5 seconds. All race cars have and Identec Solutions sensor attached into the engine which transmits the data to the network.

Sound intensity levels are monitored constantly by the Nurburgring allowing it to completely automate stations. With this advancement real time control is is possible while administrative tasks are greatly reduced making the whole sound testing process much more efficient.

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