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(RFID World Canada) David Chose of HID Global has been set responsible for the extension of business to the North American RFID market with RFID tags that support a range of applications.  The business is specifically focused on Canada and the United States.

With more than ten years of sales and system implementation experience in the RFID industry, Chose is a suitable choice for this position.  He has experience working at Omron, CCL Label and Texas Instruments in the areas of low-frequency, high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency RFID technologies.  In these areas of experience he has helped with the implementation of asset tracking solutions for medical care, waste management, laundry, logistics, industrial automation, and security applications.

The new product portfolio of HID consists of RFID tags for a wide range of industries and applications.  A broadband self resonance frequency from 860 to 960 MHz is offered because this volume supports the North American requirement of frequencies.

Some of HID’s latest products are the EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 UHF On Metal RTI Transponder Solution.  This solution has a 120/52 UHF tag design and a worldwide read range of 7 meters.

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