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OCR Canada Ltd. announced that it has completed the acquisition of Aurora Bar Code Technologies Ltd. in order to increase the OCR presence in Western Canada and expand its enterprise mobile computer, barcode scanner, RFID, and wireless network capabilities. With this acquisition, OCR will gain a strong presence in both Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, building on OCR’s current locations in Vancouver, British Colombia; Toronto, Ontario; and Montreal, Quebec.

OCR’s CFO and Vice President of Operations Lesley English stated, “Proudly, Aurora Barcode and OCR Canada have a combined 62 years of experience serving over 10,000 Canadian corporations. We anticipate that large operational synergies will be achieved within the OCR headquarters in Markham, Ontario by blending the best-of-class internal processes and suppliers from each company. These efficiencies and buying power will translate to lower product costs for our customers, thereby ensuring that they are more competitive and profitable.”

Together the two companies will constitute Canada’s largest and most comprehensive provider of enterprise mobility solutions. OCR Canada’s combined expertise in wireless networks and mobile computers is capable of delivering systems for warehouse and logistics management, retail operations, and service industries.

Current clients of Aurora Barcode will now enjoy full access to such services as an online customer-support portal, repair facility, managed mobile device services, True Support Technical Help Desk and enhanced software services, including such professional services as onsite installation, onsite service and deployment assistance.

With its increased presence in Western Canada, OCR can serve and support enterprise customers in the West and explore exciting new business opportunities. New software resources gained in the acquisition will strengthen OCR’s impressive software development capabilities. The acquisition also greatly enhances OCR’s ability to deliver Wi-Fi network and barcode products to the Canadian marketplace.

OCR Canada will maintain its headquarters in Markham, Ontario; assets of Aurora Bar Code will be transitioned to this location. Aurora staff will report to the Markham headquarters from their Calgary and Edmonton locations. Some components of the business, such as web presence, will continue to be known as Aurora Bar Code, a name now owned by OCR.

Speaking of the acquisition, OCR National Sales Director Tony Mastrangeli explained, “We are very excited to be welcoming new customers to OCR Canada who have been with Aurora Bar Code for over 30 years. We look forward to building and strengthening these new customer relationships through excellent customer service, local support, professional services and new technologies. This acquisition provides OCR Canada with wider sales, support and service coverage for our new customers as well as existing customers across Canada. We will dedicate ourselves to earning their business and respect and maintaining our reputation as Canada’s leader in barcode, RFID, and wireless network solutions.”

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