Omni-ID, the original innovator, patent holder and supplier of high-performance, on-metal passive UHF RFID tags, today announces that a complaint has been filed in the United States District Court against Xerafy and one of its distributors.

This lawsuit asserts claims under the Patent Laws of the United States for infringement of United States Patent Nos. 7,768,400 for an Electromagnetic Radiation Decoupler and 7,880,619 for an Electromagnetic Enhancement and Decoupling, which are owned by Omni-ID.

The complaint asserts that Xerafy is making, using, offering for sale, selling, and/or importing RFID tags that infringe Omni-ID’s patents.
Omni-ID’s patents protect Omni-ID’s innovations regarding on-metal/near liquid RFID technologies, which involve, among other things, the use of conductors and dielectrics to ensure that the RFID tag performs successfully on/near metal and liquids.

Omni-ID announced the Omni Global Technology Licensing Program (OGTL) in 2012. This program was launched to provide access to Omni-ID’s unique patented technology for the industry’s first commercially viable on-metal RFID tag product line, enabling further market expansion and new growth opportunities.

“As a company known for consistently investing in technology and bringing new innovations to the market, we’ve driven significant RFID market adoption by disclosing our unique technology platform for making passive on-metal tags that work reliably in real-world applications,” said George E. Daddis, Jr., PhD, CEO of Omni-ID. “Unfortunately, even with the launch of our licensing program, we are still seeing many on-metal products being sold today that are clearly utilizing these foundational technologies owned by Omni-ID.”

Omni-ID has retained national law firm LeClairRyan as legal counsel. The firm will lead the lawsuit against Xerafy and will assist Omni-ID with future actions enforcing and protecting its intellectual property against infringing manufacturers and their distributors.

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