Merchant360 announced the release of bi-directional NFC between enabled mobile phones and Point of Sale terminals from Ingenico and VeriFone. Merchant360, Inc. is a company focused on payments and value add services integration at the point of sale (POS).

This opens the door for any brand to work with the merchant to engage the consumer for more than payments at the point of sale. The solution allows for direct transfer of receipts and issuance of coupons from POS to mobile with and without payments.

Merchants and value add service suppliers can now engage consumers using open NFC standards even if their mobiles are offline. “Lack of this capability has been a significant hurdle to the global adoption of NFC,” said Felix Marx, CEO of C-SAM and one of the founding members of the NFC Forum. The solution is intended to help mobile payments organizations and value add services organizations provide a better engagement at the point of sale using NFC technology.

“We have been implementing NFC solutions at POS since the mid 2000s and the most significant part of this innovation is the ability to send any structured message from the POS to the handset. It’s just like tapping a poster or magazine ad with NFC,” said Steve McRae, CEO of Merchant360. Members of Merchant360?s Value Add Service Network will be amongst the first to have this feature enabled. This includes value add service organizations such as StudentEdge, Sprooki, and Black Label Solutions.

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