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(RFIDWorld.ca) Radiant RFID recently announced that it had partnered with the Texas Department of Public Safety to track over $1 billion in assets.

The public department will use Radiant RFID’s asset management solution and tracking system to track and monitor its assets such as computer equipment and protective gear in diverse locations which contain mobile inventory.

Previously, people and their items were moved through departments using manual forms which included a large amount of paper work. All that has been eliminated due to this new tracking system that has been launched by Radiant RFID to help the Texas Department of Public Safety. It has been made much more simple: an email is sent to the receiving departments property custodian which then accepts or rejects the asset before the move takes place following the transfer request.

Radiant RFID’s system not only uses RFID technology from Motorola Radiant’s Virtual Asset Tracker but it also keeps a detailed history of where the asset has been through various moves as well as where the asset is currently located. The technology allows for the monitoring of all types of assets used by the department keeping them close at hand and easy to access if need be.

Prior to the recent partnership, the Texas Department of Public Safety used Radiant RFID’s readers to track the location of evacuees during natural disasters such as hurricanes. The technology was also used to manage a variety of emergency safety devices and other mobile equipment.

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