Daily RFID China's Parking Management RFID Development Kit
Daily RFID China's Parking Management RFID Development Kit

(RFID World Canada) Daily RFID in China has introduced a new parking system so that traditional parking control problems can be diminished. The functional RFID system will benefit specific parking areas and gated communities. It will help to find specific parking areas, to check parking records and to understand the overall parking condition.

The RFID parking system will improve parking conditions and security. It will allow to automatically record the information of the vehicle as soon as it enters the parking lot and the system will also be alerted when the vehicle leaves the parking lot. The likelihood of losing vehicles will be reduced by having a divided space for householder and temporary parking spots.

The RFID system comes equipped with RFID windshield tags, and RFID reader DL910, as well as the necessary software. The system is available with both wired and wireless connection because the host computer is connected by TCP/IP within the system.

Not only will the efficiency of the parking system be improved but the security of the parked cars will also improve. The system has been well designed with ISO18000-6B or ISO18000-6C (EPC Gen 2) standard.

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