GAO RFID Inc. is offering its passive UHF Prox RFID tag to companies for tracking and management purposes of small assets. Small assets include objects such as routers, servers, disk drives and other hardware tools. The tags have especially been made to track metal objects but are very effective near other materials as well.

The tags have been made to fit onto small objects, are incredibly reliable and are also very accurate on any material in the environment. With a maximum storage capacity of 512 bits, the RFID tags has readability for up to a three meter span both in metallic and non-metallic environments.

The small form factor tag is able to perform in very rough conditions because of an IP68 protection rating and it is encapsulated within a lower profile rigid case.

The UHF Prox RFID tag is also ideal for IT inventory management or location monitoring of high value liquid or metal assets.

Belonging to GAO RFID’s family of UHF EPC Gen 2 RFID Tags, the passive UHF Prox RFID tag is a model 116029.

A wide range of RFID tags are offered through this line of products to meet a variety of customer needs. A typical line of RFID tags that are commonly used is also offered by GAO RFID which include the 860 to 960 MHz. Gen2 Passive Thin PVC Card and this type of RFID tag can be used in any application which requires a small form factor and a longer range read capability. Other tags in the line include, 860 to 960 MHz Gen2 Passive Windshield RFID Tag, 860 to 950 MHz RFID Tire Tag, UHF Gen2 wrist watch RFID tag or other similar products. GAO RFID is known to have one of the largest range of RFID tag and reader lines in the RFID product industry.

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