Pet RFID Collar Tag for Dog Management Used in Parks and Hotels
Pet RFID Collar Tag for Dog Management Used in Parks and Hotels

(RFID World Canada) Daily RFID has recently introduced pet RFID tracking tags in line with the current rising popularity of pet rfid tracking systems. The RFID tag is equipped on a collar and barely visible within the collar. It is also known as the UHF Animal Card and is designed for long range UHF frequency.

The smart pet RFID tag is water resistant because it’s chips are stored inside the PVC housing. Once a pet is designated with and RFID tag, a unique code can be given to each pet and information such as medical records can be stored in the tag making it easier to access and identify pets readily. This in turn reduces the time and labour spent on a pet.

With a reading and writing range from 1 meter to 3.5 meters and a storage capacity of 96 bits / 512bits / 2000bits, the name of pet, contact information, healthcare history and owner information can all be easily stored.

The pet RFID management system is available to purchase in many different dimensions and colours and a silkscreen logo can be printed on the collar tags. In addition, the RFID tag can be used to open up pet doors, and keep an eye on your pet because it can detect when the pet leaves.

With the emerging trend of pet RFID management, especially in pet daycares and pet shelters, the new RFID tag will be a popular choice.

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