Warehouse pallets used by manufacturers and distributors
Warehouse pallets used by manufacturers and distributors

(RFIDWorld.ca) Norsk Lastbaerer AS Pool, a Norwegian organization that manages nationwide pallet leasing for retailers and manufacturers, is trying out RFID technology in a pilot project to see how effective the tags are for tracking plastic pallets and totes.

Two food factories, Maaraud and Finsbråten, as well as two distribution centers for a Coop retail chain are apart of the pilot project. The pilot will use, UPM ShortDipole ultra-high frequency EPC Gen2 RFID tags, fixed RFID readers provided by Impinj, and antennas by Intermec.

Plastic pallets are embedded with a UPM ShortDipole tag and are loaded with goods that will be distributed to either one of the two RFID-enabled Coop distribution centers. The shipping details will be sent to the company via handheld readers which will read the tags before shipping them. Then the tags will transmit the shipping details to the company, which will then make the data available for web access after storing the information.

As the loaded pallets are transferred to trucks, they will first pass through a reader portal. The portal will read each pallet’s tags, confirming the shipment of the goods. Once that is complete the information is automatically forwarded to Fosstrak software.

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  1. One fact left out of the article, they are using ODIN’s EasyTAP software to manage the system through one of our integrator partners. By using the EasyTAP from the start if and when they go to a production level system they already have the architecture and integration to scale up to thousands of readers very easily, with a high degree of accuracy.

  2. how will going to incorporate the tag inside the pallet?
    what kind of encapsulation will be required for it?
    please contact us on the mention email id, as soon as possible