RFID wristbands used in some Prisons
RFID wristbands used in some Prisons

(RFIDWorld.ca) Hardin County Jail in Eldora has implemented RFID wristbands to monitor daily interactions between guards and prisoners in the jail.  Clincher RFID wristbands—non-transferable Ids that provide point-of-contact verification—are being used to track and document interactions at the jail in Iowa.

Powered by Guardian Mobile software, mobile computers will be used by an officer to scan the prisoner’s Clincher RFID Wristband.  This in turn will record interactions to provide documentation for regulatory purposes.

Previously, RFID tags that could be easily lost were used by the jail.  The RFID badges were lost or stolen by other inmates and only provided proof within a small or general area.

Clincher’s RFID technology interfaces with the Guardian RFID Corrections System for tracking, reporting, and real-time electronic recordkeeping.  The RFID Wristband system records the names of inmate and officer, location, date, and time.

The system is also used to track dangerous giving and returning of potentially dangerous supplies such as razors.  It is also used to track the transfer of jail inmates to and from the jail and courts, so that accountability is maintained.

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