QR code on a barcode label
QR code on a barcode label

(RFIDWorld.ca) Metalcraft announced its ability to print QR codes on RFID and bar code labels as well as on nameplates. Metalcraft is a manufacturer of asset labeling and tag products.

Long lasting identification in almost any environment is now a reality with Metalcraft’s ability to generate and print QR codes using subsurface printing, curable inks and other methods. This new introduction will now allow a link between durable asset labels to product information and other Web-based resources for warranty tracking and manufacturers’ customer support.

The QR codes are two-dimensional and can encode text, URLs and other data. They are also readable by most camera phones. With this new ability customers will also be able to connect to a manual or video detailing operating or service instructions while having the most current information available to them online.

Metalcraft’s view is that QR codes can serve the needs of resellers’ as well as the needs of manufacturers’ for customer service and other applications beyond marketing. Steve Doerfler, the company president shared that Metalcraft’s products are especially suitable for durable performance. Furthermore, companies can save paper and contribute to a better environment by replacing paper documentation with QR codes for efficiency, according to the company president.

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  1. QR Codes are a great way for consumers to interact instantly, along with tracking for the companies to see what is and isnt’ working. QR Codes work well for tracking and labeling for this reason. Some people are cautious of these codes, but it’s a part of growing technology. Thanks,
    Andy Lynn