Silent Partner - RFID
Silent Partner - RFID

( Silent Partners Technology recently announced that it has developed a wander management system to support security measures in seniors and disability homes. Assisted living facilities will now be equipped with RFID technology to improve the living standard and quality of life for seniors and individuals with disabilities.


The system known as WanderTrack has been designed so that it weighs very little and can get the job done.  It can be equipped onto the individuals clothing, allowing him/her more accessibility and freedom both within and outside of the premises. The system will be able to immediately track where the patients are at any given time provided they are within a certain distance from the building. The tracking device can be pinned to clothing and worn around the neck or wrist.


The readers of the WanderTrack system are installed in the interior of the entrance or exit areas that need to be monitored.  If a patient walks into a restricted area or of the facility premise, when passing through the reader, the tag sends a signal to the monitoring system immediately.


The staff is immediately alerted by a text or email when a patient leaves the premise or enters a restricted area. The system also allows for other immediate action to be taken such as sending a request to automatically lock all doors after an alert is sent suggesting a patient has entered a restricted area.

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