imec RFID
imec RFID

( Item level tagging is possible with the new RFID circuit made in low-temperature thin-film technology, by Imec, Holst Centre. The tags allow for reader-talks-first communication.

Traditional RFID tags, which are built using thin-film chips on plastic, also use the tag-talk-first principle. The RFID tags get powered from the RF field of the RFID reader and that’s where the code is passed on to the reader from. An anti-collision mechanism is required because many tags will try to contact the reader at the same time.

When the RFID reader first powers and contacts the tag, clock and identification data is transmitted. The data transmitted to the tag is then used by the tag to determine when the code is sent (using the clock). This helps to create an anti-collision scheme for thin-film RFID tags.

Metal-oxide and organic molecules make up thin-film electronics and circuits. Since these circuits are very inexpensive to create, they are perfect to mass print and mass-produce for retail products.

Automated billing and inventory management is possible using these tags. They have been designed to support various retail applications and provide buyers with price, characteristics and level of freshness-related information about a product.

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