I was sitting here thinking about what people would like to read about when coming to an RFID website like RFIDWorld Canada. Obviously, posting news stories and releases is important so that everyone can keep up with the RFID world. Updates on RFID companies, RFID technology, RFID applications here in Canada and everywhere. After some more thinking, I felt that many of the visitors to our website might be new to the RFID space. I have read some emails and comments coming into us and have determined that just discussing some simple applications that are being used in real environments might help give some of you an idea or two on how you can implement RFID into your business. So, for my first installment, I will review a possible RFID application with you to give you an idea of how RFID can make a difference.

Scenario: Let’s say you go to an apparel store to look for a pair of dress pants. You go to the style you like and the size section to see if they have your size in the style you want. Hhhmmm…you don’t see anything. You check around in a few sections around your size and find nothing. What a bummer. You really like that style. Oh well. Not much you can do if they don’t have their size. You could ask a clerk to check inventory. They could either say yes we have a pair but don’t know where it is, or they say no, we are out. Or you could just leave. No sale for the store.

Implement RFID: With the above scenario and the chosen store has RFID implemented, you go to the clerk to ask if they have your size. They check the system and see there is 1 pair! The clerk then grabs their handheld RFID reader and takes a walk around the store. Beep……the reader finds the pair you are looking for! Another happy customer!

Also, with implementing RFID into this type of environment, it will also speed up inventory, as well as improve accuracy. Imagine counting every piece of clothing by hand and keeping track of all that information on paper or fighting to find the barcode to scan. When RFID is implemented, the store can walk around with handheld RFID readers and do inventory in a fraction of the time with much better accuracy.

Next week I will have another application to share. Please keep an eye out for it!


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