Sarin SmartBox
Sarin SmartBox

Sarin is the first to exclusively market it’s SpaceCode’s Plexus RFID hardware and software solutions for the diamond industry. Manual intervention will be diminished with the use of the hardware, which automatically scans thousands of diamond parcels and jewelry items.

The arrangement and terms of agreement currently made are that Sarin will receive a commission for diamonds sold in the diamond market.

Real-time tracking data is kept continuously once the RFID tags are installed. Constant counts and updates of products will be kept in real time.

This advance will eliminate most if not all human errors, strengthen efficiency, and help to monitor rough and polished diamond inventory according to a Sarin release.

The devices include the SmartBox, which is a fingerprint-accessed repository that can store up to 600 parcels. Another device, the SmartSAS is an RFID repository that is fitted with a double sided access to monitor goods as they are passed between authorized users in separate physical areas. A technology monitored ‘handshake’ is provided as part of the transfer by the the SmartSAS. The unit can manage up to 1500 items in a single transaction.

Another device, the SmartCabinet stores 9000 parcels and is fingerprint accessible. The SmartBoard can handle up to 1000 items at a time and is a quick stock reader.

The hardware comes with a the Diamond SmartTracker software, developed by the diamond industry and can link and analyze the data of stock movement in real time. The SmartTracker alerts when any prohibited or unusual activity takes place. All inventory movement can be simultaneously tracked by the software.

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