Asset inspection solution solves compliance challenges for healthcare organizationsODIN, a RFID provider in solutions for healthcare and critical asset tracking, has announced the launch of EasyID – an asset inspection solution combining RFID-enabled iPads with a web-based platform for reporting and analytics.

EasyID identifies assets using RFID and enables the user to add and manage inspection histories for the asset. Data is stored securely on the iPad until a Wifi or 3G/LTE network is available, then the app syncs data with the EasyID web platform.

“ODIN has focused on smart devices over the past year” commented Ronan Wisdom, ODIN’s COO. “Tablets such as the iPad are enabling use cases our customers could only dream of until very recently, and ODIN’s R&D team took full advantage of this when designing EasyID. We wanted to develop a truly native IOS app so customers could work with asset inspection data locally on the device for long periods of time without a network. Once synced, our EasyID cloud service takes over and provides a powerful platform for reporting and analytics. Compliance with healthcare audit and inspection mandates does not get easier than this.”

EasyID saves healthcare organizations time and money, improves inspection accuracy, reduces the burden of compliance, optimizes the working environment and improves ROI.

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