For a hefty cost of $32,000, you may now build your own Scrabble board with RFID antenna on each and every tile on the game board. This comes with some dazzling lighting. Mind Sports International (MSI), built a custom RFID-enabled Scrabble board for an upcoming event in Prague. The idea was brought about to give online viewers the ability to see real-time game moves as the tournament is taking place.

The scores can be calculated instantaneously and the transmission from the RFID embedded tiles to the computer takes about 974 milliseconds. Letters that each player has can also be kept track at home by viewers due to the RFID sensors that the tile tray contains.

In total there are 100 letter tiles with RFID tags, 225 RFID antennas, 9 circuit boards and 7 sensors on every tile tray. This invention is all a part of the MSI’s Festival where top scrabble players will compete from around the world.

This may be the start to a Scrabble of the future.

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  1. Hello! i wounder how RFID Enabled Scrabble Board Game shall work. how does RFID work?? when will RFID chip be released?