Recycling Bins will have RFID tags attached to them
Recycling Bins will have RFID tags attached to them

( A hundred dollar fine has been stated for Cleveland residents who fail to take out their recycling bins on time each week.  Such a plan is possible to execute because of RFID technology attached to recycling bins.

Recycling bins that are provided by the city council will get RFID tags attached to them and waste collectors will keep track of how many bins have been put out through the use of RFID tags.  For households who fail to put out their bin for a few weeks in a row, a penalty will be given of at least a hundred dollars.

This movement is not just a good one for an obvious reason—the care of our planet but at the same time it will help with maintaining the budget which has already been surpassed.

The tags will be distributed in groups to stay within the yearly budgets.  Over a few years, everyone should have access to a RFID tag equipped recycling bin provided by the city council.

The city council is backing this new infrastructure because it encourages more recycling.  Some see the introduction of such recycle bins as a form of force to recycle at a forced time rather than at their own convenience and see it as an infringement of the rights of freedom.

 Cleveland is ready to get the new technology enacted bins started as soon as possible and is confident that it will be a cleaner city in years to come.

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