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(RFID World Canada) The launch of a new passive integrated transponder tag, the FISHID SST2 as well as two RFID readers–the FishTRACKER IS001, and FishTRACKER FS2020 were announced by Destron Fearing.
Low power consuption that supports remote locations and small stream applications is the attractive feature of the new FishTRACKER IS001.  The FishTRACKER is also able to store up to 150 status reports, and 8,500 tag numbers.  The advantage of the new tracker is its ability to be easily configured with various system applications.
The FishTRACKER FS2020 is a high speed RFID reader which has been designed to directly replace existing single channel transceivers or readers. Having the same functionality as the current units, it has enhanced its power and tag memory and is able to store up to 15,900 tag numbers.
The FishID SST2 is a sixth generation Destron Fearing PIT tag which has improved at a 15% rate compared to the previous comparable models.  It has higher capabilities in terms of its read-range and turn-on voltage.  For improved performance, it boasts an optimized microchip and antenna technology in addition to featuring enhanced RFID read range and rates.

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