A RFID Gate Reader
A RFID Gate Reader

(RFIDWorld.ca) RFID technology has become very popular to retailers due to its visibility and anti-counterfeit function. A theft-prevention and hands-free access controlled, HF RFID gate reader DL8220 has been recently released by DAILY RFID. This new technology will allow customers to enjoy the shopping experience while at the same time enhancing security against product theft.

The Anti-theft RFID gate device will prevent product thefts because if a customer comes to the gate without paying for a product, the gate alarm will go off with alerts displayed on the screen. In addition, the smart RFID gate is capable of reading and writing most ISO/IEC 15693 product tags. The tags are operated under EAS mode, which is what helps to prevent the theft of unauthorized and store products.

The tag processing speed is up to 50 tags per second with a channel width up to 120 cm, thus providing an efficient anti-theft solution in retail.

The anti-theft RFID gate reader DL8220 can also be used in other fields such as gun control, jewelry stores and in warehouse management.

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