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(RFID World Canada) KMA Global Solutions International, a Mississauga, Canada company focused on source tagging is pleased to announce its continued investment of Intellectual Property for new ventures.

KMAG the holder of the patented process of applying RFID tags along with a security label in one application (The Dual Tag) has adapted this process to allow for high speed encoding of the RFID label in excess of 300 labels per minute. This will allow packaging companies to apply both RFID and security labels in one application that have RFID encoded tags in place that can be read, verified and data collected. This is a significant savings to the packaging companies who currently must go through multiple steps to achieve the same results.

Jeffrey D. Reid, Chief Executive Officer of KMA Global Solutions International, Inc., commented, “Development in this market has been slow due to the lack of retail demand however with major corporations now looking for further cost savings in controlling inventory throughout the supply chain this has resulted in an increase in demand and thus the need for innovation.”

KMA’s DUAL Tag(TM) provides theft protection through its innovative combination of two leading Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technologies in a single, high-speed application. Packaging companies that have adopted DUAL Tag(TM) consider it to be of great benefit to their operation. When compared to applying the two EAS technologies separately, production efficiencies increase substantially and overall costs are significantly reduced. DUAL Tag(TM) eliminates inventory costs associated with duplicate inventories that differ only by EAS technology and allows products to be sold through any retail channel.

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