Penetration of active RFID into different application industries - source IDTechEx
Penetration of active RFID into different application industries – source IDTechEx

Industry experts are often overheard saying “Technology Has No Rivals “. Researchers too believe that industries, at some point experience a desperate need for a solution. Same is the case with the RFID market. From a clothing retailer in Belgium, RFID-enabled oven marketed by Barilla to airlines embracing RFID and more, the technology has begun to find its value across different sectors.

Retail & Malls: Clothing retailer brands such as JBC, Zara, Fairfield Group and many others. These companies have taken a large–scale RFID system across different stores. Such RFID deployments often involve the application of UHF radio frequency identification tags to monitor and track apparels, at the manufacturers end, at distribution center and more. Retailer use the solution to monitor purchases at POS. The technology has also helped ‘Santa Claus’ prepare his gift list this ‘Christmas’. Avalon is just one among the many malls, who are working with ‘Elves’ to make sure ‘Santa’ has his list ready.

Consumer Products & Goods: A popular food brand of Italy, Barilla has also introduced a RFID-based product called Cucina Barilla. The company has introduced passive HF RFID tags to empower buyers to conveniently operate the oven that can be used for baking cakes, bread, risottos and more.

Airlines: Last year, Airbus had expressed their interest in RFID technology.  Airliner Jetstar Airways has also demonstrated how they would use RFID to track or monitor the cabin safety devices. There are various ways healthcare sector is implementing RFID technology.

Healthcare: Sanraku Hospital, located in Tokyo has recently joined hands with BayNexus as a part of its initiative to manage all its medical equipment or devices. The company started with managing needles, but later evolved into engaging a handheld reader paired with RFID tags in wristbands, drugs or wristbands are matched with prescription data in EMR.

The growth of the RFID market has further been accelerated by industries such as retail, healthcare and many others. Moreover, the growth is more prominent in the healthcare sector. OEM’s are seen integrating RFID to enhance their consumer workflow. They play a vital role and offers hospital staff more hour to concentrate on their patients. Eyeing an exponential growth in the RFID market Allied Market Research has published a market research report titled “World Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Smart Label Market – Opportunities and Forecast, 2014 – 2020”. As per the report the market would witness tremendous growth in regions such as North America, Europe, Asia -Pacific and LAMEA. The prominent players evaluated in the report Avery Dennison Corporation, Checkpoint Systems, Inc., CCL Industries, Inc., Smartrac N.V., and SATO Holdings Corporation among others.

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