Raritan valley Disposal
Raritan valley Disposal

Rariton Valley Disposal in New Jersey is partnering up with Recyclebank to promote environmentally friendly incentives. Over 7,600 customers have access to RFID run carts and recycling rewards. These incentives have been put into place to promote and make routine actions that are friendly to the environment.

With customers that get pickups from Recyclebank, an RFID reader is attached to the Recyclebank pick-up truck which weighs the amount of recycling material that is in the bin. The number is recorded, giving customers Recyclebank points accordingly. After the points are collected they can be redeemed at over one hundred local businesses that have partnered up with Recyclebank to purchase goods and services.

This program has just been initiated a few weeks ago and comes with no additional costs to those who reside in Hunterdon County as long as they become a member which involves simply signing up with Recyclebank. To sign up they must just submit their home address and the households in Hunterdon County immediately to start receiving the service with rewards for recycling. For every two pounds of waste recycled, a customer receives 5 points.

After the launch of such a program the Hunterdon County area has already seek a hike in the amount recycled and and Recyclebank is continuing to expand its service throughout New Jersey.

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