NASA Johnson Space Center
NASA Johnson Space Center

( — NASA’s Johnson Space Center has announced that it is purchasing RFID readers from A.C.C. Systems Inc. for its space flight inventory system on the International Space Station.  After deep research and trials from top RFID companies, the Space center has chosen RFID readers from A.C.C. Systems Inc. The type they chose are the ACC570 readers.

Some of the items being tracked using these new readers are astronauts, hygiene and personal items of crew members, food packages, office supplies, and medical supplies.  The items are either tagged at the bulk bag level or at the item level.

The RFID tags were tested for radiation and they can be exposed to a radiation level of 600 RAD (with 200 MeV protons) and zero-gravity testing.  As the Next Generation RFID and barcode readers they are certified to last for 10 orbit years for the International Space Station Utilization.

According to the Space Station, A.C.C. Systems is the only company whose RFID tags meet the requirements of the space station.

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