RFID NFC tag Keychain
RFID NFC tag Keychain

RFID equipped keychains are now available thanks to China RFID. The company has introduced the latest NFC (near field communication) tag-03 in a keychain to read with iPhones and Android devices.  Each NFC tag keychain contains a unique NFC chip to let people pay by simply tapping the tags on their mobile phone.

By attaching the keychain to a mobile phone while out at events, keychain holders do not have to take along a wallet with their money or cards in it. A payment can be made through the mobile phone. The prepaid RFID card must be tapped to a mobile phone within 5 cm of the phone and a payment can be made. There is no need to provide a signature or walk around with cards while this mobile device is in the hands of an individual.

An increased efficiency in mobile service, mobile ticketing services and loyalty services are a few of many benefits the key chain can provide to holders. A high level of security is maintained while the payment process is taking place. The ISO 14443 tag supports encryption so it is read and write protected by a password.

The key tag is also laminated by ABS housing, allowing for its safe use in wet circumstances as well.

Overall customer experience can be improved through a wide use of such key chain tags especially because of the increase in processing speed that it will provide.

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