AG Julia, a world leader in the manufacturing and printing of security products and tickets announces that RFID Canada, a leading RFID and NFC technology provider, is now the North American distributor of AG Julia’s RFID products.

New RFID Industry Partnership Announcement between AG Julia Europe and RFID Canada
New RFID Industry Partnership Announcement between AG Julia Europe and RFID Canada

“AG Julia is committed to providing best in class technology and products which include RFID and NFC integrated products such as contactless cards, tickets and wristbands that are globally used in sporting events, concerts, festivals and public transportation” said Luca Lapenna, AG Julia’s Export Vice President of Sales “Our partnership with one of the leading RFID technology provider in North America increases our geographic and vertical market reach for our RFID products and will provide RFID Canada’s partners with best RFID and NFC cards, tickets and wristbands.

AG Julia designs, develops, and manufactures security products and admission tickets with passive RFID, HF and UHF, chips. AG Julia’s RFID products are being used in more than 28 countries in the sports and leisure market, in major events, in public transportation, ski resorts, in supply chain, healthcare, libraries and so on. This RFID product line will broaden RFID Canada’s capability to provide comprehensive solutions across diverse markets and application

“We are uniquely positioned to understand and provide our clients the most complete RFID product offering and welcome the addition of the AG Julia’s products to our portfolio. The inclusion of AG Julia’s RFID contactless cards, tickets and wristbands enables our partners to have access to a single and most comprehensive source of RFID tags and readers.” says Bob Moroz, President of RFID Canada.

“We also see an increase in demand for RFID and NFC in markets such as events, ticketing and payment and by partnering with AG Julia, we now feel that we can offer a complete product line to solution providers and system integrators.” added Bob Moroz. “AG Julia’s experience does not only date back almost 50 years but they have also provided secure products to numerous transit authorities, large scale events and have also provided the tickets that were used at the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil.”

About AG Julia
Arti Grafiche Julia started in 1967 and, since then, has always focused its business activity on security printing and ticketing. AG Julia is the leader in the Italian market and exporter of products in more than 30 countries, in Europe and outside Europe. They supply to the most important ticketing companies and a large numbers of the major sport and leisure events. For more information, visit: | Email: | Phone: +39 040 3897411

About RFID Canada
RFID Canada is an RFID and NFC technology provider. Products include all Passive frequencies – Low (LF), High (HF) and Ultra High (UHF) as well as Active frequency. RFID Canada provides the vital foundation to any RFID-based system and has been involved in successfully implementing over 500 systems globally. RFID Canada, with its network of partners, has successfully implemented applications such as Animal Identification, Document Tracking, Traceability, Asset Tracking, Work-in-Process, Stock Replenishment, Personal Identification and Sporting Events in a wide range of industries including Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transportation, Supply Chain and Distribution, Retail, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Libraries, Government and many others. For more information: | Email: | Phone: +1 905 513 8919

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