( A multi-protocol rail RFID reader was introduced by TransCore to support the rail market’s transition to automatic equipment identification. In addition to the RFID reader, a field processor unit was also unveiled by the company.

The multi-protocol rail reader is an integrated, self-contained 902MHz to 928MHz wireless RFID reader.

The reader is specifically designed for rail applications and can read the current Association of American Railroads format. The new SeGo readers comes with additional features that include programmable frequency range and programmable output power. The range at which the frequency can be programmed is 860 MHz to 930MHz in 250 KHz programmed frequency steps.

Since the original design in the early 90’s the railroads have been very helpful in supporting the growth of automatic equipment identification (AEI) product development.

To ensure that this new system meets the performance needs of the railroads, it was tested with major railroads.

TransCore’s Executive Vice President of operations, George McGraw stated that approximately 1.7 billion tonnes of freight is moved per year and for that the latest technology is needed enhance visibility, security and transparency for shipment tracking.

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