Here at RFIDWorld, we have evolved from an RFID blog site to an RFID services and blog website. We have been engaged in many projects throughout the US and Canada. These projects have included such things as RFID consulting, RFID product selection, RFID installation services, RFID site surveys and some smaller service bureau work. (This is useful for those companies who are interested in implementing RFID, but the volume is low and don’t want to purchase all of the hardware and software that is required to print and encode labels.) If you are in need of an RFID or barcode printer, RFID or barcode software, RFID or standard labels or RFID or standard barcode readers, we can help!

We have many contacts who have followed our site along the way and are now looking at possibly adding RFID or barcoding to their current processes. This is a great time to start implementing these cost effective solutions to improve your inventory count times, accuracy and the ability to see your product from start to finish within your manufacturing facility.

And Manufacturing is not the only place that is seeing the benefits of RFID. We have also worked on projects that are utilizing RFID for marketing purposes. An example would be showing your product line at a tradeshow. RFID tagged products are on a table. When someone stops by and picks up an item, that items description, details and other info are shown on a big screen right in front of the customer. This was used to compare 2 different products. Very effective for visuals to show how RFID can describe two different products as they are lifted and placed back down. Ask us for more details if this is of interest.

There are many different areas that could utilize RFID to give companies a visual into what their products are, where they are and other requirements. Please reach out to us for any and all assistance that you may need as it relates to your interests in RFID.

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