Quest Solution Canada changes branding and name to QSG Inc.

Quest Solution Canada Inc., a leading provider in enterprise mobility, data collection systems, RFID solutions and labelling solutions, announced today that it is changing its name to QSG Inc. (

Gilles Gaudreault, CEO and Owner commented: ‘…Our company exists because of our customers, partners and employees and I want to thank everyone for their support. We have been in business together for more than 22 years with a long history and we are very proud to launch QSG.  This is an opportunity for us to refresh our brand, along with the launch of several new initiatives including a new IoT (Internet of Things) portfolio…’

Pierre-André Paulin, VP Business Development and Marketing added: ‘…After many mergers and acquisitions, now is the time to simplify and modernize our brand.  To help make our name stand the test of time, culture and language, we chose to simplify the name with an acronym.  With this new name and logo, the letter Q shows our growth path (Quest Solution and Qdata), but it is also the present and future as the shape of the Q resembles an intelligent phone or tablet.  Another important factor is our commitment and priority to offer the very best customer experience and to include the best supply chain technologies through customized services and consulting…’

About QSG Inc.

QSG is a Specialty Systems Integrator focused on Field and Supply Chain Mobility.  They are also a manufacturer and distributor of barcode printers, supplies (labels, tags, and ribbons), and RFID solutions.  QSG develops, deploys and maintains enterprise mobility solutions including Automatic Identification (AIDC), Mobile Cloud Analytics, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.  Their products and services are designed to identify, track, trace, share and connect data to enterprise systems such as CRM or ERP solutions.



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