Swine Premise Tag

(RFID World Canada) Digital Angel Corporation, which specializes in making animal and emergency identification solutions anounced that it’s subsidiary Destron Fearing has just received approval from the USDA for its 840 RFID Swine Premise Tag.
The tag is made up of 840 country-codes and fifteen digit animal ID numbers.  It also is equipped with a pink visual panel stud and a pink tamper-proof RFID button. The tags have a clear notice stating that it is unlawful to take off he tag and they have an official U.S. shield as well as a seven character alpha numeric PIN number with the state postal code of it.
Destron Fearing’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Dan Ellsworth said that the company is very excited to be the first one to offer a USDA approved 840 RFID Swine Tag. He is proud of Destron Fearings continuation of staying at top when it comes to the swine identification market segment.
A USDA approved swine premise tag can now be used in one application U.S. swine producers so that they can identify the breeding herd.

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