Orthopedic Implants
Orthopedic Implants

(RFIDWorld.ca) At the University of Pittsburgh, a group of engineers have developed an RFID system that will monitor and trace orthopedic implants at a far higher level than they can be traced currently.

The highlight of the system is that instead of radio waves transmitting through air, they will transmit through human body tissue. The Ortho-Tag as it’s known, features a wireless chip that will be attached to the implant. Alongside, a handheld reader will be provided to doctors through which they will be able to retrieve critical information about the artificial limb. The health community is very thrilled about the Ortho-Tag because it will take orthopedics to another level in terms of accuracy.

The sensors that are in the chip will allow physicians to monitor the implant including the surrounding tissue to measure its pressure. The chemical balance and temperature of the tissue will also be monitored using the RFID chip and this i turn will help to foresee any threat of harmful organisms.

The RFID system will also allow enhancements to the systematic features of it such as carrying information directly related to the performance of the implant–including the manufacturer or model number. This information will aid in determining whether implants need to recalled or even to discover defective implants.

The group of engineers is looking further into producing wallet sized cards with an attached RFID tag, that can be uploaded with information about both the patient and the implant.

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