A Spotify Box
A Spotify Box

(RFIDWorld.ca) Jordi Parra, a degree student has created a Spotify player named the Spotify Box which can use magnetic RFID tags to play songlists from music streaming services.

Using a Wi-Fi connection, the circular tags can be linked to Spotify user account making relevant music on Spotify available.

Although Parra is convinced that the Spotify Box can be used alone without computer access, using the Linux system, for now the working prototype has to be connected to the computer to be able to play music playlists.

The Spotify Box has been designed in a very efficient way using affordable material that anyone can afford to pay for. Production costs are estimated to be only around $50 apiece. The wooden box design has been strategically used to bring back the trend of old radios and Braun devices.

The Sonos player another similar device used for the same purpose, however, costs £400. The Spotify Box is very feasible for someone who would like to listen to their playlists while at home because it can be easily connection to a running PC.

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