(RFID World Canada) GAO RFID Inc. has recently introduced a mobile RFID reader that has the ability to multi-function. It can read and encode RFID tags as well as capture 1D and 2D bar codes and images. The device increases efficiency, when used in manufacturing plants, in warehouses, on a loading dock, on sales floors or anywhere else where a reading is required within meters. A fixed RFID reader does not have such an ability to read from items at a remote distance.

Any item that needs to be located in a quick few seconds can be located with the use of the handheld RFID reader, model 246009. Intuitive audible and visual cues are some of the accurate locating features that the technology of the RFID reader uses. As a person or object in contact with the reader gets closer and closer to the desired item being searched, the buzz sound increases to indicate that one is getting closer to what he/she is looking for. The reader also gives the user real-time wireless connectivity allowing for information to be streamlined into business process in efficient ways. The real-time LAN connectivity helps to increase productivity because making decisions becomes easier. The mobile RFID reader having multiple uses including for U.S. frequencies, APAC frequencies and for the European standard ETSI EN302 208, it can be deployed anywhere across the world.

As a result of the reader complying with IP64 sealing standards, it is easy to maintain, can survive severe falls and tumbles, and work in many demanding environments. Offering a read range of 6.09 cm to 304.8 cm and a write range from 30.5 cm to 60.9 cm, the RFID reader is well advanced and up to date with other RFID readers at its level. It also comes equipped with an integrated internal antenna. The contents of the device are viewable on a large QVGA colour screen.

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  1. The RFID reader is the coolest new gadget out. This will transform the way you conduct business. Great article.