Snapsportz camera system and HID Global RFID tags together capture images
Snapsportz camera system and HID Global RFID tags together capture images

HID Global’s SlimFlex RFID tags are being used at Princeville Ranch Adventures in the Hawaiian Islands to help guests capture a photographic record of their zip-lining experiences in the rugged rainforest valleys of Kauai’s north shore. “Knowing that HID Global’s SlimFlex tags perform exceptionally well in extreme environments gives us the confidence to deploy RFID technology anywhere people pursue their passions,” said Ben Kottke, founder and CEO of Snapsportz™, the company providing the camera system for Princeville Ranch Adventures’ nine zipline courses. “The tags empower our clients to use the Snapsportz System to increase revenues and enhance the user experience while building brand identity and customer loyalty.”

A.C.C. Systems, a distributor and integrator of RFID solutions including HID Global tags and readers, provided guidance in the selection of the SlimFlex tag. To connect each guest to his or her pictures, RFID technology in the Snapsportz system allows simultaneous triggering of image capture as well as each image’s assignment to an individual guest. This enables the Snapsportz software to automatically sort images, and retrieve each guest’s photos on demand. Interactive kiosks enable guests to order prints or digital copies, upload one or all images to a USB drive, or post images to their Facebook page.

“The current system is working extremely well and, with negligible additional cost, has more than doubled revenue for our entire zip line operation,” said Patrick Nowak, general manager of Princeville Ranch Adventures. “By ensuring high-quality image capture for our guests and making it effortless for them to find and share their images, we help ensure they get the most out of their zip line experience. And, because approximately 85% of guests choose digital versions of their images that lead to great reviews on Trip Advisor, Facebook, Instagram and other sites, it paints a picture of fun for our guests that also promotes our business.”

Originally developed for industrial applications, HID Global SlimFlex RFID tags have unique thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) housings and tolerate repeated bending or torsion while maintaining excellent performance characteristics. The durable housing safeguards the tags’ embedded electronics, and provides resistance to chemical exposure such as the Princeville Ranch’s repeated use of a bleach solution to sanitize the zip line helmets.
“We are extremely pleased with how reliably our tags are performing for Princeville Ranch Adventures’ guests,” said Jason Warschauer, sales manager with HID Global. “Whereas earlier tags had failed to capture as many as 1 out of every 4 guest images during tests on the Princeville Ranch Adventures zip line course, our SlimFlex tags are delivering near-perfect readability despite environmental extremes and rough handling in this demanding application.”

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