Xtreme RFID tag
Xtreme RFID tag

(RFIDWorld.ca) Cost savings are being generated after radio frequency identification (RFID) enabled tags are being used to turn trash into cash in Cincinnati, OH and Grand Rapids, MI. UPM RFID and Cascade Engineering have come together to make this possible. Pay-as-you-throw pricing programs as well as other incentive-based recycling methods are being used to promote recycling in the two areas.

There are several components to Cascade Engineering’s RFID system. One component consists of two-wheeled recycling and trash containers equipped with RFID xtreme tags made by Xtreme RFID. Another component is an on-board truck data collection system, which comes with RFID readers and antennas from Capturit.

The RFID system is built into the trashcans and recycling bins very securely so that it is equipped for heavy usage. They are guaranteed to last 10 years in extreme weather conditions. The truck system can withstand daily usage and continual impact. The system in the truck can keep track of the GPS coordinates, the weight of the trash picked up and then use that information to generate collection and billing information for customers very quickly.

Mike Lewis, Business Unit Manager of Xtreme RFID is happy with the two companies coming together to build such high quality products, which can not only increase efficiency but also benefit the environment.

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